Ann Brennan


Paper - Weight: 140lb Kind: cold press  Type: watercolor block  Size: no smaller than 12x16

Brush #8 or #10 Round, Natural Fiber Sable or Sable and Nylon Mix


P=Pigment and 2nd Letter refers to color ie R=red  P numbers are far more accurate than names and can be found on the reverse side of paint tubes in very small print

Lemon Yellow PY3 or PY154

Ultramarine Blue PB29

Grumbacher Red PR170 or PR188 or Perrole Red PR254

Alizarin Crimson PR83

Quinacridone Red PR209 will also work but more expensive

INSTEAD of above you can purchase a set of watercolor cakes I suggest the following:

Pelikan Transparent Set comes in set of 12 or 24

Palette- Covered Palette works best as it gives you the ability to keep and transport unused colors

White Eraser- I like Factis brand, have found they are the best

#2 pencil for sketching – Can use one found around the house however make sure you remove colored eraser from end to prevent the temptation to use it.

Container for water - Plastic ones are lighter weight and thus make for easier transport

Turkish towel – to dry brushes off with

Natural and cellulose sponges

Container of Salt –Kosher, Sea, Table or all three

Bag or container to put everything in