Jim Green - An Introduction to Oil Painting





Palette knife-- plastic or metal

Palette --- disposable paper pad or (wood or plastic palette---recommended)

Odorless solvent – small container of Gamsol

Paint medium--- Liquin Original

Container for holding solvent for brush cleaning

Brushes—(bristle and soft hair)

                Round #2, #6

                Flat or Bright #2, #4, #6



                Alizarin crimson

                Cadmium red

                Cad yellow

                Cad green

                Ultramarine blue

Raw umber

                Burnt sienna

                Titanium white

Roll of paper towels or rags

Trash bag

Painting surface- suggested size canvas –11x14, 12x16, 16x20


PLEASE NOTE. A good art supply store can help with any questions OR

EMAIL—jgreen@artbyjimgreen.com---- 215 416 0367---Jim Green